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SpinSmart Portable Travel Washer

SpinSmart Portable Travel Washer

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Your Ultimate Laundry Companion!

Adventure awaits with SpinSmart by your side! You can now keep your clothes fresh and clean wherever your journey takes you. Say goodbye to handwashing hassles and laundry worries - our innovative washing machine is designed to fit right into your suitcase and fold away easy when not in use! Available in 6L and 11L sizes! 

Small but mighty: SpinSmart lets you conquer laundry day, no matter where you are. Its powerful yet gentle cleaning action will leave your garments spotless and ready for your next adventure. Perfect for washing your delicate clothing!

Easy to use: Just load your clothes, add water and detergent, and let SpinSmart work its magic! With the press of a button, have your clothes clean in 3 - 15 minutes!

Compact and Foldable: We understand the importance of saving space while traveling. SpinSmart is designed to fold neatly, making it the perfect travel companion! Perfect for small homes and apartments as well!

Versatile and Efficient: Whether you're exploring the great outdoors or backpacking across cities, or even if you just need an extra washer at home, SpinSmart keeps you fresh and clean without compromising your time or energy.

Tired of relying on hotel laundry services or searching for laundromats during your travels? With SpinSmart, you're in control! Join the wanderers and explorers who have already discovered the magic of SpinSmart. Embrace effortless laundry while making unforgettable memories and embark on a laundry journey like never before!

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